The Legal Expenses cover awarded by the LDU and paid for within your membership fee is subject to certain conditions and claims procedures. The following guidelines have been prepared to assist members in the event of a claim.

Notification of Claims
It is an essential condition that you must notify claims in writing immediately you are aware of either of the following:

  • Disciplinary Matters
    A complaint being referred for investigation or consideration by the SLCC or the Law Society of Scotland or the commencement of proceedings before the Scottish Solicitor's Discipline Tribunal.
  • Prosecution Defence / Employment Disputes
    Any actual or alleged act, omission or dispute which has given or may give rise to any claim or legal proceedings.

Written notification of claims should be sent immediately to us. Use the Claim Form available here.

If you fail to notify a claim in accordance with the above, any claim arising may not be admitted.

When in doubt, take advice: use our advice line.

Immediate Action
Where immediate action is required on a claim or possible claim you should contact:

Telephone 07739 486369

Claim Forms
Completion of a standard claim form is a prerequisite of a claim being considered although, in cases requiring immediate action, the claim form may be completed retrospectively.